Samstag, 11. August 2012

Berlin - new job

Hello my dear readers!

I'm not dead!
Long time no see... :(  I'm Sorry for that!
Just wanted to inform you. I'm now in Berlin since June and work as an Junior Illustrator for the games industry.
Our current project is a Facebook Game named Lost Legacies (play it!) a hidden object game.

It's fun but I'm pretty lonely here... my boyfriend is still in Frankfurt and we see each other just every 2 weeks or so.
So... if some of you lives in Berlin ... I need some contacts and friends xD maybe for a drawing round or so...

nargh...and new drawings... I have none
I have just nothing in my new room. Just a laptop and a bed and I'm to lazy xD
Watching Heroes all day long...

So thats it for the moment. If you want o hear more feel free to ask me!